About Me

Hi! My name is Mariah, I love creating plant based food that is full of flavor and nutrients. Cooking has always been a hobby (possible obsession) of mine, especially when I get to experiment with new flavor combinations or veganize a dish! I currently reside in Boise, ID with my roommate, Samantha, and her cat, Scotty. I work as a Transportation Engineer during the day and in the evenings I have fun cooking or jogging outside (I just signed up for my first full-marathon!). I created this blog as a hobby and a way to share vegan recipes for those looking to try something new. I became vegan in 2015 and have never looked back, it was the best decision I made. I love eating clean food and saving the environment and animals along the way! I hope this blog becomes a source of inspiration for you, I know I had a lot of fun creating it! Thanks for browsing.